Being Bold

It has been years since I sat down to write; an art that I had let slip with the onslaught of adult life. Marriage; work; and now a one year old have changed my life and perspectives on many things. I hope to share them here as well as things that I enjoy. 

Stay tuned for many updates on my adorable daughter, successful attempts at recipes, and crafty projects that drive my Husband insane.

For now a serious topic of my life; Being Bold! 

As a Christian; and I mean bible believing, born again, Jesus is the only way to Heaven, I can’t help notice that Christians have lost their boldness. Yes, there are “Reverend SongBird” types; let me explain that: in college there was a preacher that would come shout condemnation to anyone walking by; for flip flops, jeans, long hair, and anything he could find. We called him Songbird; and he got plenty of attention. This however is not the Bold I am talking about. 

I am talking about in our workplaces, with our friends, with our teachers. It is easy to be Bold at church but are you bold at home? We are called to be salt and light; are we that at our most intimate places? How about on FB; and I am not saying the share if you love Jesus pictures. Are we sharing God’s love, are we standing by His rules?

Being Bold for Christ; is not about keeping everyone happy on your friends list, or trying to keep harmony with friends at home (or even family); it is knowing there is NO Gray area in the bible; there is right or wrong. Being Bold is being honest in Love about biblical truths; it is inviting to church whenever you can. Being bold is sharing the Gospel; being bold is being Couragous even in the face of adversity. 

To long I have sat on the side lines; sitting on the fence because I was afraid to offend or loose people in my life. I want to live Boldly, I have to live Boldly because I care to much not too!

Will you Join me?


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