Egg Drop Soup

My Husband loves Egg Drop Soup; my inspiration for attempting this seemingly interesting concoction of egg and thick goop.

As we are both preparing for Charlotte 714; we are fasting from different things. I have chosen soda, no small feat for me as I love an ice cold coke and more than coke a yummy Dr. Pepper. Mitchell has decided to fast from meat; which has made cooking dinner an interesting adventure. After much debate we could not settle whether eggs are meat or a By-product like cheese and milk. So he has been eating eggs occasionally.

The ingredients for this soup are pretty simple and you might just have them sitting around:

4cups of Chicken Broth

2 eggs and 1 egg yolk

1 1:2 tablespoons of Cornstarch

2-3 pinches of salt

Pinch of ginger (I did not use this; I despise ginger)

Put all but 1/2 cup of broth in a saucepan and add spices; bring to a boil. In a bowl or cup mix remaining broth with the cornstarch, make sure there are no lumps.

In separate bowl, beat the eggs and yolk together.

When the broth is boiling add in the cornstarch mixture first; then slowly add egg mix while stirring. Remove immediately from heat.

Waalaaa! Egg drop Soup!


~ Melanie

1 comment
  1. missa986 said:

    I LOVE making Egg Drop Soup at home. It is so stinking easy. Here is a helpful tip that most restaurants get wrong: it is important to make sure you dissolve the cornstarch in just a little bit of COLD liquid before mixing it slowly into the broth to avoid those weird jelly chunkies that can happen 🙂

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