Surprise pregnancy #1

Finally getting to sit down and explain our surprise babies! Mitchell and I were Married in May of 2010; and had planned on trying for Babies a year or so after we were married. We both wanted children; one of the first questions I asked on our first date. I know it’s deep to ask someone but I wasn’t going to have my heart broken 8 months down the road if He didn’t want to have children.
Before we were married I had some female medical issues and it changed my cycle; before I was like a clock. Knowing this; Mitchell and I still felt that because we are married whatever happens does. About two months after we were married; I was late. I took a test -negative! I was relieved but I cried secretly because my desire to be a mother was strong. After that nothing was abnormal and I accepted that I was not working like a clock anymore.
We finished the summer and made it through fall and no major discussion of Babies. We both knew it was a sensitive subject and just to leave it alone.
Along comes December; the busiest season for us as we tried to find a way to see all of our families. I was sitting at work on the 21st of December; talking with a co-worker about plans and it hit me. I asked what day it was; she looked at me like I was silly… “Monday the 21st Mel!” “Really?!” I said. Again I got what’s going on in your head look. “I need to take a test.” With the crazy of the holidays approaching I had not realized I was late; very late in fact.
That night I didn’t sleep hardly at all; I should have just taken the test when I got home from work. I didn’t say anything to my Husband because I thought I could possibly surprise him Christmas morning; that is if it was positive. 6:23am I couldn’t hold it any longer; I peed on the stick. Funny how time stands still those few seconds it took for it to show; I had all emotions running high; but I just knew that this time it was different.
Positive! It took maybe 25 seconds to appear; and that’s it. I laughed! God what were you thinking? We aren’t ready for a baby; we wanted to do so much more before a baby. I now know what God was thinking; but more on that in a different post!
I couldn’t keep it quiet from my husband; it wouldn’t be fair. So as he was still half asleep I climbed back in bed and said; “how about a baby?” “what?” “You are a daddy!” “Are we ready for that?!” “Too late.”
7 months after getting Married; unprepared for a baby; and blissfully happy to become a Mother!


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