Surprise Pregnancy #2

This pregnancy really did come out of no where; we had of course discussed another baby; next year maybe! After all Macayla was just 12 months old. We wanted to dote on and spoil her like any good parent should. We wanted her to be old enough to understand what a baby meant; and honestly I wanted her potty trained (which will still hopefully happen because I want to start her at 18 months)
I had chosen to Breastfeed Macayla; I had no goals other than we were going to try. So I had not resumed my cycle; I had ovulated but it was sporadic but nothing else. This time I was on the pill; the mini pill. I took it like clock work (you have to or it does not work at all). Within the last two months Macayla has been slowing down and nursing less frequently so I knew my cycle would have to return and I could change my BC.
This is why I took a test; I took it because I wanted to be sure before I called the doctor for a switch. To my surprise; the morning of my daughters first birthday party; I would get a Positive test. It took 20 seconds and there it was. I laughed; again! This time I knew better than to ask God what He was thinking: I said “You do have a great Sense of Humor! You made this happen when it really shouldn’t have been possible; yep this is your baby!” 2 years difference growth; and now I am going to have another Gift.
WAIT… How far along am I exactly?! All I had to go off of was a negative test at the beginning of July. 2 months; a few weeks? Was the test I took in July a false negative? Is there more than one? Questions I have asked myself for almost 4 weeks now. We had to wait for an ultrasound; a long wait for me as I wanted to know. Today we got to see who was in there; just a little peanut 7weeks 5 days.
My babies will be 19 months apart; God you sure do have a Sense of Humor; but I wouldn’t want it any other way!


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