Dippy dips

For Macayla’s first birthday I decided to do a “dip bar” for our guests. Why dip? I thought it would be different from the mundane kid party foods and quite frankly was not going to pay tons of money to serve a full meal (it was in the middle of the afternoon for this purpose).
We went with the usual Craig dip which I so lovingly name “Poppies Dip.” It is simple and delicious and well we eat it at every Craig get together because we love our chips and dip.
Let me wow you; it’s two ingredients and one day you will thank me because it is better than any store bought chip dip out there; sour cream and onion soup mix.
16oz of sour cream to one packet of mix; best if you let it sit for a few hours in the fridge.
The next two dips were thanks to Pinterest; that place is addicting wonderful!
They were both very simple and I thought they were amazing! There was very little left at the end of the party; which is probably a good thing because I would have eaten both with a spoon if given the chance. My suggestions to follow is that on the cookie dough recipe don’t worry about the health chips; I didn’t use them and felt it was lacking nothing. Also make them ahead of time; they can stay in the fridge (made it Friday morning, that’s also when I made Poppies dip)
Cookie Dough Dip
Brownie Batter Dip
I served them with Marshmallows; strawberries, cantaloupe; pretzels and graham crackers. YUM!

Check out the awesome spread!


And her cake!



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