I voted

Disclaimer- I am a Christian Southern Republican. There that’s warning enough.

This being my third time up to bat at 26 I do not have tons of life experience; but I have enough education and know how to make my informed decisions. I have a college degree and graduated with honors (so I can’t say I am stupid, neither can you).
But here is my take; take it for what it is worth or not.

The country of the United States of America is a ME country. It’s not just a generation; it’s the whole country. We have been spoiled and pampered. We have everything we could ask for and in abundance. The age of my grandparents of hard work and the depression is a dying generation. The last to know what scraping by really means. I am thankful two of mine are still living in their 80’s; because I can get a dose of reality in just a short drive down the street. In my nice Honda; with radio,a coke, nice clothes I washed at home in my fancy washing machine and dryer, with my iPhone and Coach purse in the passenger seat, and baby in the top of the line carseat, and carters outfit with new shoes from target. Get the picture, I am spoiled as well. With that being said; we are so blessed as a country, we forget that it wasn’t so easy before.
Because of our human nature, we want it all and everything that feels good. No longer are we concerned with what is “right” we want to do what feels good “right now”. We have forgotten the foundations of our country and who has blessed it so richly. Instead we are more concerned with what our desires are.
I believe that unless something drastic changes in our society that brings us back to morals then we will continue down our path.
Sin feels good; if it didn’t feel good then we would not partake in it. Also I should note that there is no sin greater than another. So my sin is just as bad as your sin; not just your toes getting stepped on here. Our human nature is to sin, that is why we have the problems with crime today; and it is also why we are headed in a downward spiral as a country.
Until we wake up and smell the stench of sin and Godless-ness in our country, we will continue to see leaders elected that will approve of sin, or will do nothing about it.
A monkey could run for office with the backing of a party that supports those issues that feel so good to us but are none the less Sinful nature.
Now I am not calling Obama a monkey; I am making a point that no matter who you put in front of the nation, many will vote because they want to continue in their sin.

And as a Christian, a sinful imperfect Christian. I know where my vote will always be, call me close-minded, homophobe (which is crazy to say, if you know me then you will know otherwise), call me crazy redneck southerner (can’t call me stupid remember), and you can call me intolerant. I don’t have to answer to you; or to any one man. I have to answer to my Heavenly father; and that is the mindset our society is missing.


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